Supply Issue Blues? A Message From The Diamacrete Team

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Supply Issue Blues? A Message From The Diamacrete Team

We know, you hear it every time you turn on the TV. Every time you open up social media. It's always in front of you and seems like you can't escape the dreaded topic of: 


Supply Chain Issues. 


Companies left and right aren't able to keep up with the demand due to lack of raw material access and/or shipping container issues. We won't bore you with the logistics of it, as we assume you've heard all about it already. 


What we will do, however, is give you an update on where Diamacrete stands. 


At this time, the only product on our site that is giving us a little trouble is the Ameripolish SR2. This is due to us being a distributor of Ameripolish's products and not the direct manufacturer. Other than that, we've been (thankfully) up and running since these issues began. 


Now that's not to say things can't and won't change. We are well aware that November and December are going to be very rough. But, here at Diamacrete we like to not only keep positive, but also prepare for the worst. We are keeping up to stock on our most requested products, including our new Diamacrete Chemical line. 

Also, if you haven't already, freshen up on our new, temporary shipping policy. 

We will keep all of our customer's posted about any coming changes to products. But as of right now, it looks like only one is being held up. We look forward to serving you with the utmost customer service and care as we can, and hope to be assisting you on your next big project. 


Stay safe, and stay busy, 

The Diamacrete Team 

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