Welcome to DiamaCrete  (Formerly Blue Phantom Equipment)

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Welcome to DiamaCrete (Formerly Blue Phantom Equipment)

No, you aren't going crazy. Yes, you did type in "Bluephantomequipment.com" the correct way in your address bar. This is DiamaCrete, formerly Blue Phantom Equipment. 


What Happened?

Not much has changed. Just the name, the look, and the machines. DiamaCrete still holds the same values as Blue Phantom did: We want to provide the most durable and affordable products to contractors nationwide. Now we've just added a bit more professionalism. Hence the new tagline "Durable Meets Professional."


What's DiamaCrete?

An online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our products and floor equipment catalog. DiamaCrete has shipping across the continental United States and pick up from our retail locations.

Our knowledgeable technical support team has many years of experience serving our contractors. We are committed to developing and distributing the most innovative, cost-effective equipment and products from the world’s leading and most trusted brands. DiamaCrete works with top manufacturers to maintain our contractors with the equipment solutions they need. 


What now?

If you are already a long time customer of Blue Phantom Equipment, all you have to do is log into your account as normal and start shopping. Take a peek at our new DiamaCrete Specialty Grinders and Polishers as well as our DC Series High Powered Vacuums. 


If you're new, welcome to DiamaCrete. Contact us for a shipping quote or if you are interested in financing one of our machines. 


We want to see your projects flourish, from start to finish. 

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