DC-2100 Vacuum

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DIAMACRETE™ DC-2100 VACUUM ​is a high-powered, vacuum that has the capability of separating dust with a near perfect accuracy,  ensuring that your workspace will be a clean and safe environment. 


  • 4.0 Horsepower Motor 
  • Equipped with a conical pre-filter 
  • 110 volts of Power 
  • Equipped with one H13 HEPA filter  
  • Auto-balancing 
  • 99.97% accuracy with dust separation
  • Vacuum hose for dust collection 
  • Adjustable height for handling easier  
  • Equipped with Schneider Electrical  Components 
  • Aluminum Alloy Casting Inlet 


  • Name: DIAMACRETE™ DC-2100 VACUUM  
  • Recommended for small grinders and hand-held power tools.
  • Manufacturer: DIAMACRETE™ 


(99.97% Accuracy at 0.3 Microns | 198lbs Weight)