VFG-2S Single Phase Concrete Vacuum

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VFG-2S Vacuum cleaner is special designed for the floor grinding and polishing industry. With the characteristic as below:

• Strong suction, two-stage filter unit, stable and reliable, space saving, flexible mobility and easy operation.
• Suitable for the worksite that requires single phase and adjustable air flow or continuous working, has large amount of fine dust particle.
• Applied to grinding field, small polishing or grinding machines, shotblasting field, etc.


  • Voltage/Hz: Single phase 110V(or it can be customized)
  • Power: 2*1.2Kw
  • Airflow: 360m3/h
  • Max air pressure: 2200mmH2O
  • QTY of the filters: 1pc the 1st stage filter and 2pcs the 2nd stage filters
  • Air inlet: Ø50MM
  • Noise: 82±2dB
  • Filter efficiency: 99%
  • Material for the filter: Polyester with PTFE coated (H13 standard)
  • Fineness: 0.3-1µm
  • Main filtering method: Outer-filtering type for 1st stage filter Inner-filtering type for 2nd stage filter
  • Weight(kg): 180lbs